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60. Mississippi...Convicted 1990
Butler was sentenced to death for the murder of her nine-month-old child. When she found her baby not breathing, she performed CPR and took him to the hospital. She was interrogated by the police and then prosecuted. The Mississippi Supreme Court overturned her conviction in 1992. Upon re-trial, she was acquitted on Dec. 17, 1995 after a very brief jury deliberation. It is now believed that the baby may have died either of cystic kidney disease or from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Illinois...Convicted 1985
Hernandez was sentenced to death along with Rolando Cruz for the abduction, rape and murder of Jeanine Nicarico in 1983. Hernandez was re-tried in 1990, but the trial ended in a hung jury.
A third trial in 1991 resulted in a conviction and an 80-year prison sentence.
The Illinois Supreme Court overturned the conviction in January 1995.
Only his own indirect statements, not any direct physical evidence, linked Hernandez, who is borderline retarded, to the killing. He was released on bond, and at the request of the prosecution, charges were subsequently dropped on Dec. 8, 1995.
By that time DNA evidence and a confession had established that the actual perpetrator was imprisoned serial rapists and murder Brian Dugan. A police officer that offered the evidence admitted to perjury.
At the time of Hernandezs' release, the prosecutor is quoted saying "The action that I have taken today is neither a vindication nor an aquittal of the defendant." ...yet he is responsible for asking that the charges against Hernandez be dropped. The U.S. Dept. of Justice is considering an investigation into civil rights violations in this case.

Illinois...Convicted 1985
Cruz was sentenced to death for the murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico.
Another man, Brian Dugan, who had already pled guilty to two rapes and murders, including that of an 8-year-old girl, authorized his lawyer to tell the prosecutors that he killed Nicarico.
Cruz was convicted at a second trial in 1990, at which Dugan did not testify. In July 1994, the state Supreme Court overturned Cruz's second conviction.
An assistant state attorney general resigned because she thought the evidence showed Cruz was innocent and thought it wrong to pursue the prosecution.
Other law enforcement officials also protested the continued efforts to prosecute Cruz. Cruz was finally acquitted at his retrial in November 1995.
The judge did not even wait for the defense to put on its case before entering a directed verdict of not guilty. Three prosecutors and four law enforcement officers involved with the prosecution of Cruz and his co-defendant (see below) have been indicted for obstruction of justice in this case.
Update: 2000, Cruz and 2 co-defendants won a 3.5 million dollar settlement for their wrongful incarceration.

57. Arizona...Convicted 1981
Cruz was charged with planning the killing of two people in Phoenix in 1980. He went through five trials, including two convictions and two mistrials, before his acquittal on June 1, 1995. The chief prosecution witness, a convicted burglar and former drug dealer, was given immunity for his testimony. Another co-defendant, Joyce Lukezic, had been acquitted at re-trial in 1985.

Oklahoma...Convicted 1985
Munson's conviction was unanimously overturned by Oklahoma's highest criminal appeals court in December 1994 because the state withheld material evidence tending to exonerate Munson. Dr. Ralph Erdmann, who was subsequently, convicted of seven felony counts involving misrepresentation of facts in other cases and stripped of his license, provided some of the forensic evidence at trial. Munson was acquitted at a re-trial in April 1995.


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