Wednesday, July 06, 2005


53. Texas... Convicted 1985
Deeb was originally sentenced to death for allegedly contracting with three hit men to kill his ex-girlfriend. The hit men were also convicted and one was sentenced to death. Deeb consistently claimed no involvement in the crime. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Deeb’s conviction in 1991 because improper evidence had been admitted at his first trial. With an experienced defense attorney, Deeb was retried and acquitted in 1993.

Arizona...Convicted 1977
Robison was convicted of murder and conspiracy in 1977 in the death of a reporter, Don Bolles. His conviction was overturned in 1980, but he was recharged with the offense in 1990. He was acquitted at retrial in December 1993.

Oklahoma...Convicted 1987
Convicted of killing his estranged wife while she slept. His conviction was overturned and he was released in 1991 when 11 forensic experts testified that a bite mark found on his dead wife did not belong to him. The appeals court also found ineffective assistance of counsel. He was acquitted at a retrial in April 1993.

Alabama...Convicted 1988
McMillan was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a white woman in a trial that lasted only a day and half. At trial, three witnesses testified against McMillan and the jury essentially ignored his alibi witnesses.The jury recommended a life sentence but the judge imposed a sentence of death.Post-conviction investigation by the TV show 60 Minutes revealed
suppression of exculpatory evidence by the state and perjury by the state's 3 witnessesThe Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals overturned his conviction and the prosecutors agreed the case had been mishandled.

Texas...Convicted 1984
Sentenced to death for a double murder. He was implicated by a co-worker who was not prosecuted for the murders in exchange for his testimony and by jailhouse informants.Post-conviction investigation by pro-bono attorneys uncovered evidence of inadequate council. A federal district court ordered a new hearing.Macia's conviction was overturned and a grand jury refused to reedit him for lack of evidence.

"As long as there's the possibility -- no matter how remote -- that an innocent person could be killed, nobody should be for the death penalty." Kirk Bloodsworth

Maryland...Convicted 1984
Bloodsworth was convicted and sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a young girl. Despite alibi witnesses, he was convicted mainly on the basis of faulty eyewitness testimony. When it came to light that the state had
withheld exculpatory evidence he received a new trial and was convicted again and sentenced to life.
He was released after subsequent DNA testing confirmed his innocence.


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