Wednesday, July 06, 2005


46. Indiana...Convicted 1983
Smith was sentenced to death for a street robbery and the murder of a woman. The man that claimed to be the getaway driver had his charges dropped in exchange for testifying against Smith. The Indiana Supreme Court overturned his conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel. He was acquitted in a re-trial and released in 1991 after presenting evidence that those witnesses against him had lied under oath.

Florida...Convicted 1988
Scott was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. He was arrested 10 years after the crime and once the corroborating alibi evidence had been lost.He was released by the Florida Supreme Court, which found that the evidence used to convict him was not sufficient to support a finding of guilt.

Georgia...Convicted 1980
Mr. Nelson was convicted and sentenced to death for murder. Nelson was released after a review of the prosecutor’s files revealed that material information had been withheld from the defense. The county district attorney stated "There is no material element of the state's case in the original trial which has not subsequently been determined to be impeached to contradicted."


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