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43. Arizona...Convicted 1987
Jimmy Lee Mathers and two co-defendants were convicted and sentenced to death in the murder of Sterleen Hill. The Arizona Supreme Court reviewed Matthers case in 1990, and in reviewing the evidence; the Court found that there was a complete absence of probative facts to support Matthers conviction. The court stated that most of the evidence presented at trial had nothing to do with Mattthers conviction. The Court set aside Matters conviction and sentence and entered a judgment of acquittal.

Ohio...Convicted 1984
Johnston was sentenced to death for the murder of his stepdaughter and her fiancée. The Ohio Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 1988 because the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense, and because one witness had been hypnotized. The state later dropped charges against Johnston. A lawsuit filed by Johnston for compensation for wrongful conviction was rejected.

Texas...Convicted 1983
Despite several witnesses who testified that he was 800 miles from the scene of the murder, Skelton was convicted and sentenced to death for killing a man by exploding dynamite in his pickup truck. The evidence against him was purely circumstantial and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals found that it was insufficient to support a guilty verdict. The Court reversed the conviction and entered a directed verdict of acquittal.

Texas...Convicted 1981
Clarence Brandley was a black high school janitor at a Texas high school. In 1981, he was wrongly convicted and sentenced to die for the rape and murder of a 16 year-old Cheryl Lee Ferguson, a young European American student at the high school.Brandley was awarded a new trial when evidence showed
prosecutorial suppression of exculpatory evidenceand perjury by prosecution witnesses.An investigation by the Department of Justice and the FBI uncovered more misconduct. As a result, in 1989 a new trial was granted.Prior to the new trial, all of the charges against Brandley were droppedBrandley is the subject of the book White Lies by Nick Davies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although your intentions are basically good at heart, It is disturbing to me to see such a web-site as this. What started out as a personal crusade for possibly one wrongfully convicted murderer has turned out to be an overly emotional obsession to include, with out careful research, everyone convicted of capital murder and released for any reason. One of your "exonerees", Dale Johnston was convicted and sentenced by a 3 judge panel: Unanimously. Dale Johnston was convicted of murdering my cousin Todd Schultz.If you want to deal in truth and justice, please help me find the resources to all of the "closed door testimony" that his surviving step-daughter(Michelle Cooper)gave at the time. As a matter of help, is it possible to find un-censored public records showing all of the testimony and facts that gave a 3 judge panel unquestionable doubt as to his guilt? If anyone can help
me with this and we could take the speculation and sensationalized side-show out of it, I would love to shed the whole light of truth on this matter. Unfortunately I have not been able to find access to the truth. I do not want newspaper accounts or wild theories,no TV reporters and their spin,just the truth.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an easy answer for you - go ask Linscott and McKnight. End of Discussion.

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