Wednesday, July 06, 2005


35. Florida...Convicted 1983
Brown and Troy were convicted and sentenced to death in the stabbing death of a fellow inmate. The only evidence against the men was another inmate, Frank Wise, who testified that he saw the two coming out of the victim's cell shortly before he was found murdered. Before their retrial, the charges against them were dropped when Wise admitted that he had perjured himself.

Florida...Convicted 1983

Oklahoma...Convicted 1983
Sentenced to death in an Oklahoma murder, Jones maintained that he was passed out in his car while his three co-defendants beat and murdered Charles Keene.The Oklahoma Court of Appeals ordered a retrial because it held that the jury was prejudiced by the improper admission of hearsay testimony, inflammatory photographs and prosecutorial misconduct...The Court also ruled that Jones' involvement was disputed by the evidence.


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