Wednesday, July 06, 2005


25. Oklahoma...Convicted 1981
Mr. Bowen was convicted and sentenced to death for three murders. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth District overturned his conviction in 1986. In its ruling, the Court cited that prosecutors suppressed a sheaf of investigative reports that a suspect other than the capitally sentenced petitioner had murdered the victim and that an investigating officer with a grudge against the petitioner had maliciously framed him; Bowen was subsequently released from prison for lack of any evidence of his guilt. Bowen had supplied 12 alibi witnesses that confirmed that Bowen was 300 miles away from the crime scene an hour before the murders occurred and there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime.

Pennsylvania...Convicted 1982
Convicted of a double murder and sentenced to death. The district attorney in this case urged the trial judge to order a new trial when it came to light that Ferber's conviction was based on perjured testimony of a jailhouse informant, who later recanted and discovery of a police conspiracy to frame Ferber.Several other prosecutors and a homicide detective were convinced of Ferber's innocence.

Pennsylvania...Convicted 1983
Mr. Brown was convicted and sentenced to death despite the jury's recommendation of a life sentence.The only evidence against Brown was his co-defendant who received a life sentence for his roll in the murder because he agreed to testify against Brown.At his retrial, the codefendant admitted that he was the actual killer and that his testimony at the first trial had been perjured.Brown was acquitted.


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