Wednesday, July 06, 2005


16. Indiana...Convicted 1978
Hicks convicted and sentenced to death for a double murder in Indiana. Two weeks prior to his execution, Mr. Hicks sat on death row without an attorney to help him. An attorney that was visiting another inmate discovered Hicks and petitioned the courts for a new trial.The Playboy Foundation became interested in Mr. Hicks' case and supplied the funds for his legal defense after he passed a lie detector test.Hicks was acquitted at his retrial and released after evidence established his alibi and showed that eyewitness testimony against him was perjured.

Indiana...Convicted 1978
Jerry Banks had twice been convicted and sentenced to death for two murders in Georgia. He was awaiting a third trial on death row when the prosecution dropped the charges and his sentence was overturned due to evidence of tampering, forgery, incompetence of counsel and suppression of exculpatory evidence by the prosecution which was allegedly known to the state.Mr. Banks committed suicide after his wife divorced him, but his estate won a settlement from the county for the benefit of his children.


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