Wednesday, July 06, 2005


13. Arizona...Convicted 1975
Convicted of 1st degree murder and sodomy of a 6 year old boy and sentenced to death. Treadaway's conviction was overturned, he was retried and acquitted of all charges after 5 pathologists testified that it was highly probable that the victim died of natural causes and there was no evidence of sodomy. The jury decided that prosecutors failed to prove that Treadaway was ever inside the home of the victim.

Georgia...Convicted 1975
Mr. Charles was tried and convicted of two murders and sentenced to death mainly on the testimony of a jailhouse snitch. After evidence came to light that co-oberated his alibi (he was at work when the murders took place) and an intense investigation, the charges against him were dismissed and and the district attorney declined to retry the case against him.Mr. Charles was award a substantial settlement from city officials for the gross misconduct in the original investigation.


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